Jennifer Lawrence turned down the role of Elizabeth Holmes after seeing Amanda Seyfried in ‘The Dropout’

In Hollywood, it is often the case that projects on the same topic are developed in parallel and eventually reach viewers who are not too distant in time. It could be the case of two productions Elizabeth Holmes, The founder of Theranos has been found guilty of fraud for misleading investors in her needle-free blood testing technology.

Jennifer Lawrence intended to play Elizabeth Holmes in a film about her case that he directed Adam McKay, with whom the actress has already worked Don’t look up. However, as Lawrence discovered, when he saw the work of Mr Amanda Seyfried in the same role as Holmes in the miniseries relegation, about the same real events, he decided to leave the film project.

“I thought it was amazing. I realized there’s no need to do the same thing again. She’s already done it,” Lawrence explained in an interview with The New York Times. Last September, Amanda Seyfried won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes in Relegation. This production of Hulu can be seen in Spain through Disney+.

Jennifer Lawrence

A case as juicy as that of Elizabeth Holmes, who went from being hailed as one of Silicon Valley’s great talents and receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from investors to being exposed as a colossal swindler of great wealth, was invited to be transferred to the big screen.

Documentary Hemorrhaging Silicon Valley (2019) already did a great job retelling the frames of Holmes and Theranos, and then it was the turn of fictions based on the character of this young entrepreneur and her skyrocketing fortune. relegation, miniseries he created Elizabeth Meriwether (Sin compromiso, New girl), was ahead of the project McKay was preparing for Apple with the title Bad blood.

Now that it has lost its leading star, it remains to be seen whether this production, with a screenplay by Adam McKay himself and Vanessa Taylor (Game of Thrones, Oscar nomination form of water) will continue with another actress in the role.

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