Japan issues emergency warning after North Korea’s missile tests

Japan says that the missiles were fired by North Korea flew over the north of the country on Thursday, the last in the series weapons tests which increased tensions in the region.

Announcement from Office of the Prime Minister of Japan It came shortly after the army year South Korea said he had discovered that North Korea was launching at least one ballistic missile According to his mar oriental.


Japan said more than one missile was fired, although it did not immediately say how many. He said he did the missiles fell into the Pacific Ocean and activated warnings in three northern prefectures.

ESeoul Joint Chiefs of Staff he did not immediately confirm what type of missile he detected or how far the weapon flew.

The launches came a day after North Korea fired more than 20 missiles, the most you’ve recorded in one day. One of those missiles flew in the direction of a inhabited island of South Korea and landed close to the rival’s tense maritime border, setting off air raid sirens and forcing residents ulleung island evacuate. South Korea quickly responded by launching its own missiles into it border area.

Wednesday’s announcements came a few hours later North Korea threatened with use nuclear weapons why NOW and South Korea “They will pay the most terrible price in history” protesting the ongoing military exercises between South Korea and the United States is considering a trial for possible invasion.

(With information from AP)


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