Jalisco activates medical protocols of pharmacovigilance in public and private hospitals due to the warning of cases of meningitis – El Occidental

IN Jalisco activate drug pharmacovigilance protocols in public and private hospitals before warning of cases of meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage and death detected in the north of the country.

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The Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks of the State of Jalisco (Coprisjal) warns anesthesiologists not to use hyperbaric bupivacaine because of the risks it poses to the health of patients with a history of surgical procedures.

In the entity, for now, Puerta de Hierro Hospitals issued a notice to the recipient stating “Quarantine Medication Notice” noting that Ropivacaine (Ropicones) 2mg/ml and Ropivacaine (Ropicones) 7.5mg/ml are in stock. ml , who are under supervision.

“In case of suspicion of an adverse event observed with anesthetic inducers and/or local, epidural and general anesthesia, it is necessary to inform the hospital’s pharmacovigilance unit,” according to the circular issued by the Medical Administration of the Puerta de Hierro Sur Hospital, signed by doctor Juan Luis Vargas Lozano and the head of the hospital’s pharmacovigilance unit, Itzel López Alvarado.

For its part, the Secretariat of Health of Jalisco (SSJ), through Coprisjal, reports that it will strengthen pharmacovigilance, biosecurity and prevention of nosocomial infections in all hospitals and institutions licensed for public and private surgical operations.

Stated in order to prevent cases of aseptic meningitis and protect the health of the inhabitants of Jalisco, after an increase in the frequency of cases of this type of infection was announced.

Likewise, they will observe that the processes of disinfection and sterilization of equipment, materials and premises are maintained and improved; as well as good asepsis and antisepsis practices, with special emphasis on surgical areas.

Coprisjal will carry out actions of prevention, surveillance and epidemiological control of hospital infections that affect the health of the population that uses the provided health services.

The state agency will strengthen pharmacovigilance activities, compliance with appropriate storage and preservation of supplies, drugs, medicinal materials and medical devices, as well as inspection of expiration dates and control of suppliers for safe procurement of supplies.

Another activity that needs to be intensified is the notification, referral and counter-referral mechanisms for cases that may arise.

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Coprisjal will convene the pharmacovigilance commissions of hospitals in the state of Jalisco and inform them of these activities.

The Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks of the State of Jalisco makes available the telephone number 33-3030-5700 extension 35305 during working hours and days, as well as the e-mail pharmacovigilancia_jal@yahoo.com.mx for more information about this communication. .

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