‘It’s a shame he hasn’t been to Europe yet’

Hector Herrera he ended his career on the Old Continent to continue in MLS, it is the coach’s decision Mexican team, Gerardo Martino.

And that’s it Dad convinced that HH is at his best in Europe, which he said that if the footballer had asked him, he would have advised him to continue with him Atletico MadridHowever, he avoided going into details because he does not know the reasons why he decided to return to the American continent.

“I have a lot of respect for Héctor as a footballer. If he had asked me to come to Houston, I would have said no, but there was no intervention. It’s a shame that he didn’t continue with a high performance, but it seems to me a shame that he didn’t stay at a high level. He was one of the best. I don’t know anything and I talk about what I would like,” he commented for ESPN.

Héctor Herrera during the match of the Mexican national team

Also, Martino stated that Herrera was at an excellent level of football before he emigrated to MLSto the point of completely changing the face Atlético when Cholo Simeone put him to play.

“In short, we start from the fact that these are professional national team players. In the case of Herrera, it is about the fact that he does not have so many minutes in Atletico Madridbut competed with Immediatelycon Geoffrey Kondogbia and he was a ready player when I brought him. Diego Simeone put him in and changed the face of the team,” he said.

Héctor Herrera before the match of the Mexican national team

Finally, the coach of the club Mexican team discovered with whom he had the opportunity to speak One of Luisa eye Diego Lainez, where the FMF president told him that he thought he lacked the experience to go to Europe.

“The president told me the same thing at a lunch, because he was the president America and he told me he misses the tournament,” he said.

Gerardo Martino at the press conference

However Nanny Martino explained why Lainez considered for world cup despite the lack of playing time at Braga, pointing out that he can change the game in a few minutes.

“In this case we see the same thing, there is no vision inside and outside. A player who comes in with Algeria and changes course, comes in with Panama and is given a penalty, picks up his teammates against Colombia and now plays less than in Betis, but is fighting for a place. Diego is starting to build his career and Héctor (Herrera) is at the very end, but they make us think they are on this list of 30,” he said.


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