Itatí Cantoral boasts of a reunion with his colleague Thalía in New York

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Thalia e Itatí Cantoral They are great friends who have strengthened their relationship since the telenovela “María la del Barrio” in which they both participated. How can we forget her iconic roles as the protagonist and Soraya Montenegro. Although they were rivals in the melodrama, in real life they got along very well and until now, many years later, they enjoy a close friendship.

Today they are comrades, but also friends because Thalía is godmother at the christening of Itatí Cantoral’s children, twins Roberto Miguel and José Eduardo, obtained in marriage with Eduardo Santamarina. They both adore each other and although they live far away, they have been in constant communication for several years. Now known as the “Big Apple” it was the perfect place for their reunion.

In the show “Hoy Día”, Itatí Cantoral mentioned that Thalía’s mother loved her very much because she saw how she got along with her daughter. He assures that he had great trust and affection for him. “Mom and her got along very well and we are friends and we will be until death”, he said in the morning.

She also used the opportunity to emphasize the great work that the singer has done as a mother and publicly reiterated that her love and support is unconditional for life. There he announced that they would see each other on a trip to New York.

The expected moment came, and the actress did not hesitate to take a picture with Thalia and publish it on her social networks. They took the opportunity to talk and went to eat reminiscing about old times. “My beautiful friend, my soulmate. Thank you for this magical afternoon”Itatí Cantoral wrote on her Instagram next to the recording, Thalía replied “My love, I love you and I missed you so much. We didn’t have time to continue talking.”

Of course, fans of both were touched by the meeting and left sweet comments for them, even asking them to work together again, an idea that Itatí Cantoral does not like, as he commented in several interviews.

“I’m dying of love. The best duo in the history of soap operas.”

“It’s nice to see them together again.”

“I love them. My two favorite women together.”

These are some of the comments of Itatí Cantoral’s followers on his post, which already has more than 31 thousand likes and hundreds more comments.

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