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With the presence of 400,000 people at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, over three days Mexican Grand Prix filled the Mexican Formula 1 fans with emotions during the long days, but what are they food and drink more expensive than can be found in the sports arena?

It ranged from beer from 70 pesos per can to top shots from 700 pesos; tacos of 140 rows of four al pastors, or 900 pesos with imported meat; it was also offered outside the area of ​​food second menu only a few enjoy it exclusive area of ​​the Paddock Club.

This sporting event is even considered ‘too fifi’ Claudia Sheinbaumhead of government of Mexico City.

This is due to the high costs that can be found on their maps, whose price ranges from 1,500 to 27,000 pesos in official salesdepending on the area, it skyrocketed in resale, almost reaching a quarter of a million pesos.

Also, the daily average lunch checks on the road course are easily stolen six minimum wagesan expense that was much higher at the Paddock Club.

What is Paddock Club and how much does it cost?

The Paddock Club is an experience inside the F1 Grand Prix offering exclusive items for participants.

In principle, the price of a Grand Prix ticket varies depending on the zone (green, orange, brown, blue, gray), the stage of purchase and the content of the ticket. Unlike these sites, The Paddock Club offers the best view events in pit line start and finish.

It also provides visitors with behind-the-scenes access to F1, exclusive virtual interviews and guided tours of the trailas well as the menu with gourmet food.

Access to the Paddock Club was made with special ticket which is purchased through the F1 site; it can cost 7 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to 139 thousand pesos and offered refreshments all day, an open bar, “world cuisine with the best wines” and local delicacies.

Paddock Club menu

This year, the Paddock Club was visited by some Mexican celebrities, among them Martha Debayle and Chantal Torreswho boasted about the exclusive food offered to them.

The menu that was offered during the race Mexican Grand Prix offered two dishes:

  • Grilled lobster salad with toasted sesame dressing.
  • Crispy avocado with hummus, pomegranate and chimichurri harissa.

The menu also included a selection of dishes that those present could consume buffet bar

  • Beef steak with potatoes pancetta and red pepper sauce.
  • Grilled sea bass from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Casera mascarpone truffle cappellacci with four cheese sauce.
  • spring chicken makhani.

There was also a selection of cheeses that visitors could access with their meal. Dessert was served warmed chocolate cake with pears.

For drinks, the Paddock club offered numerous options, among them Tequila Patronwhose brand is promoted by ‘Checo’ Pérez.

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