It regenerates, towards comprehensive well-being

The patient’s well-being does not depend only on the absence of physical diseases. Food, rest and emotional health also play a key role. With this premise, Xavi Cañellas, David Vargas, Carlos Pérez and Néstor Sánchez founded Regenera, a company specialized in training and private clinical care.

“We decided to start this business because clinical psychoneuroimmunology had no history in this country. We learned about this specialty after studying physiotherapy and decided to professionalize it in Spain by adding the concepts of microbiology, neuroscience and molecular biology”, comment David Vargas and Carlos Pérez.

The company wants to raise between HRK 15 and 20 million in several rounds

The company, based in Palafrugell, started in 2006 teaching a master’s degree for professionals, and in the same year each founding partner opened their own clinic to provide Regenera-related services.

“The business took off in 2019, when we decided to group the clinics under the same company and give strength to the project”, commented the founders, who gave Vicenç Martí (Elrow), Oriol Cagigós and David Jordan shareholders.

Currently, the company has four clinics – online, Palafrugell, Barcelona and Palma – and offers three master’s degrees and a postgraduate course taught online and at the Esci-UPF center.

In 2021, turnover was 1.6 million, and EBITDA (gross profit) was 400,000 euros. This year, Regenera expects 3.7 million euros and a gross profit of 1 million euros. “We are in the moment of expansion and next year we also expect to double the figure, reaching six million. We want to open a clinic in Madrid and promote new business areas”, say the founders, who have a team of 40 workers.

The company is considering strengthening its research and development department

In its future plans, the company is considering strengthening its research and development department, which soon plans to launch patient diagnostic software on the market and promote activities related to elite athletes. “We created a spin-out dedicated exclusively to the treatment of top athletes. Gerard Deulofeu, Marcos Llorente and Joaquín Fernández stand out among our clients”.

Regenera strives for global impact through training. First, it wants to reach all Spanish-speaking countries, and in the future it wants to open up to the Anglo-Saxon market as well. “To finance this expansion, we need an inflow of foreign capital. We would like to collect between 15 and 20 million euros in several rounds”, they point out.

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