“It bothers some people that I’m not so involved in the world of F1 and I have a separate life.”

The series “Checo” via Star + showed the most intimate side of the Red Bull member.

Mexican pilot Czech Perez He felt that the criticism he received from the specialist Formula 1 press in the UK was due to his lifestyle outside the category.

Series “Czech” through Star+ showed the most intimate side of the member Red bull and where, through four careers, the native of Jalisco felt that not living 24 hours a day in the Big Circus was an important factor that should be criticized.

“This race needed her so much. Being Mexican in this is complicated. Everyone forgets that three months ago I fought for the championship title in the same way and since I have a life separate from sport, and outside of sport I am not much for the world of Formula 1, and when it’s over, I’m with my family, I’m a father, I take off my suit and I continue to work”, commented Checo Pérez.

Czech Perez he won the Singapore Grand Prix and after a race in which he fought fiercely with Charles Leclerc reiterated that “not being so involved in the world Formula 1 and some people find it difficult to live apart from sports.”

“Overall I’m happy and it’s a very special day for me, my family, my kids, my wife and no doubt it was a very special day for everybody because of what it means to win and the way we did it,” he said. Perezwho achieved four victories in Formula 1.

Czech Perez He earned the favor of the fans of the Austrian team, and in the opportunity to fight for the podium, the 32-year-old driver was violent. “Being the best Mexican driver has never been my goal, for me the goal is to be world champion.” Don’t forget that you can watch the series “Checo” via Star+.

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