Issa Vegas Gives ‘Tiny Tastes’ Of Exclusive Material In ‘Solo Fans’

In the stories of the official Instagram account of the beautiful Issa Vegas, two clips are available in which she shared a small “small taste” of exclusive content that will be very soon on the paid platform that is “Only for fans”.

Because apart from Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter, model This 26-year-old also has an account on a spicy platform, where she records her beauty for Internet users without filters, so in order to motivate them to be part of that community, she reveals small changes.

Two different clips, in the first one, in which he acts blogger fitness in the rocky view in the background, wearing American flag shorts, a short white blouse that revealed her flat stomach and toned tanned legs.

With loose hair and strikingly straight, Issa Vegas he raised his hands receiving the sunlight and all those vibrations that the city he was in, but what would leave them open-mouthed would be the next video because they would forget about the outside.

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Well, she would change the cute outfit she was wearing for one with only ties, a tiny purple outfit, some of the chains from the belt she was wearing were gold, the camera started shooting from behind and into the lens of the camera she let the beauty of the model completely surpass nature.

Leaving more than nine million followers in awe, where lately, since it’s Halloween season, she’s been more active on her social networks, showing a catalog of costumes she would have to wear, one more flirtatious than the last.

CLICK HERE to admire the clips Issa Vegas.

Lola Bunny was the first character to feature her, an animated bunny with a lot of personality, giving her the flirty touch that the beautiful Argentinian influencer is known for, and she later charmed netizens with a new Buzz Lightyear style of dressing.

Issa Vegas gives “small tastes” of exclusive material in “Solo Fans”| instagram: issavegas

The next character she turned up the heat for this Halloween was a latex jumpsuit, very Catwoman-esque, gently squirming and playing with the costume accessories.

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