Issa Vegas enjoys a sunny day in a green mini swimsuit

The social media of the beautiful Issa Vegas is up! Well that model The 26-year-old has been very active in spoiling the pupils of her fans by posing in skimpy prints, but this time she warmed up the internet while enjoying the sun’s rays.

Because of work, beautiful girl Argentina She modeled on the hot streets of Miami, so the sun’s rays and the beauty of the sea are perfect excuses for a beautiful influencer they Instagram take out the most flirty beach outfits from your closet.

Posing near the pool water, and the villas of the online store of the brand Ignite International, a brand that sells exercise equipment, exercise equipment, beachwear, among other things, it seems like they were getting ready to collaborate.

To attend that hot event, Issa Vegas She wore a small two-piece beach jumpsuit, in green color, tiny and very flirtatious, which her big beauties left in the open, making the whole audience sweat with a video in which she herself is enjoying the sun.

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She shared a video showing the model from behind getting cozy for a date in the pool, the camera caught her looking good from behind, leaving the millions of fans who follow her on her account speechless. Instagram.

Issa Vegas enjoys a sunny day in a green mini swimsuit | instagram: issavegas

Many videos were the product of this trip to the city in the United States, because another type of content was shared, one more flirtatious than the previous one, catering to the students of anyone who wants to admire its beauty, playing with nature in the background, but always managing to overshadow it with its own beauty.

CLICK HERE to admire the video.

The fitness blogger also walked the streets in glamorous outfits, proving that cool is mental when it comes to an iconic and fabulous look, as Issa Vegas knows very well what clothes fit well with her hips, highlighting her silhouette.

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