Influencer Juan Pablo Rodríguez dies at the age of 21

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Last Monday, October 31, a well-known influencer John Paul Rodriguezknown as Johnpi, died at the age of 21 after battling cancer since he was 19 years old. The news was announced by his girlfriend Fernanda Salinas, sharing an emotional message on her Instagram profile.

According to reports, the influencer was recovering from one brain surgery which they carried out a few weeks ago, since doctors discovered a tumor.

The fight of Ivan

Juanpi turned popular on the video platform, TikTok, after documentary are lear against cancerthe operations he had to undergo and the therapies he received during the process.

After a few months of treatment, his followers thought he was beating bone cancer, but in in 2021 illness caused him to have to amputate a leg.

A few weeks ago, cancer struck him again in a terrible way: he did metastasis in his left lung and also doctors discovered a tumor in brain.

young man asked for support to your Instagram followers so you can pay for bad treatment costsSince he had no insurance and his parents were barely paying those bills, they organized a raffle to raise some money.

After a few days without posts, Juanpi’s girlfriend confirmed the news on her Instagram profile: “Sending you a little kiss on your beautiful freckles to heaven, see you in the next lives.”

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