In the run-up to Clausura 2023, Cruz Azul sets an ambitious first goal

“There are many different changes,” says Potro Gutiérrez, DT of Stroj

Eradicating the mistakes of the past is the first major responsibility of the Cruz Azul coach
© Imago7Eradicating the mistakes of the past is the first major responsibility of the Cruz Azul coach

IN Blue cross there is an awareness of mistakes that were committed in the recent past, mistakes that took a expensive account: the terrible campaign begins at Opening in 2022. And before that, the club cement is looking for fix the error very accurate in the short term: planning.

Therefore, coaching staffin partnership with directivethey work diligently to prepare a template that will be faced with Closing in 2023. The goal is start the preseason with a full squadon amplification. The idea is that in the third week of November, Blue cross Define your highs and lows.

Unlike last seasonin the reunion of the team, we want everything to be ready for him on the 7th or 8th (of November), when the national team presents itself. From there, we already completely change the perspective of what was. This speaks of a good vision, of a good perception of what the team will need in the coming season,” he declared. Raul Gutierreztechnician Blue cross.

Depending on three World Cup players team CelestialMexicans Carlos Rodriguez Mr Uriel Antunaas well as Ecuadorian Michael Estradathe After Gutiérrez He plans to have the entire staff – no later than – the first two weeks of November.

apparently there is time, but that time is relative. We try to have all the possibilities of people who can come, that they are already for the preseason. There are many different changes compared to what happened last seasonwhich is why we were so irregular and gave so many advantages in the previous tournament, I’m sure it won’t be this season“, added the coach of Blue cross in an interview with Javier Alarcón.

achieve an ambitious first goal, Raul Gutierrez he will have the opportunity to work with the whole team for a little more than a month and a half, with the goal start of Clausura 2023tournament whose start is scheduled for January 5.

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