In Peru, the police disguised themselves as the Avengers and launched an operation against a criminal group

Peru Avengers
The police disguised themselves as the Avengers in order to go unnoticed. Photo: AFP.

The The Peruvian police were inspired by The Avengers to conduct an operation against retail sellers of basic cocaine paste in a neighborhood in eastern Lima, where four agents met they dressed up as superheroes to break into the housepolice said Tuesday.

How did the police launch Operation Marvel?

Operation named “Miracle” took place on Saturday and started when Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and Black Widow (The Avengers) They walked through the streets of a dangerous neighborhood, in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, one of the most populated in the capital of Peru.

“Police officers wore hero costumes to avoid being noticed on the streets and near schools. They used the sound system to promote an art event for October 31 at another location.”

National Police of Peru.

Everything seemed normal until, upon arriving at the house, it wasn’t Captain America and his companions dressed as Avengers destroyed by jumping rope (with a hammer) in the blink of an eye the iron and glass door of the house, opening the way for 10 policemen to unexpectedly enter screaming, according to a video broadcast by television channels.

Photo: AFP.

They are breaking up the “Villains of Mariátegui” clan

Superheroes, members of the Green Police Squad, They arrested the occupants of the house, three men and one woman.entitled “Villains of Mariátegui“, which they thought was a Halloween joke, according to the police.

“In this property, an entire family devoted themselves to the micromarketing of drugs. They intended to sell to a nearby park.”

Colonel David Villanueva, head of the Green Squad of the National Police.

More than 3,000 packages of drugs were seized

The operation made the seizure possible 3 thousand 250 small packages of basic cocaine paste, 287 bags of cocaine and 127 bags of marijuanawhich were hidden in the house.

A kilogram of basic pasta is sold at least in $380 in Peruwhile a kilogram of cocaine hydrochloride – the purest drug – is sold for around one thousand dollars.

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