In front of the mirror Ninel Conde raises the temperature by showing a beautiful figure done in a bikini

Ninel Conde, the Mexican singer and actress, has conquered everything social networks with her impressive figure, she managed to capture the attention of her fans. The artist began her career in 1995 after winning the “Miss State of Mexico” contest. Ninel she stands out, apart from her talent, and the unique beauty she showed wearing a bikini.

The singer, who studied theater and physical expression at the Emilia Carranza Center for Art and Theater, also studied acting and singing with Sergio Jiménez. The artist is known for his participation in several novels such as “Under the Same Face”, “Luz Clarita” and “Catalina and Sebastián”, and is also a sensation in social networks. Recently Count Ninel The temperature rose on Instagram after posing in a bikini.

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