In front of the cameras, the wind forces Bárbara de Regil to teach more

Bárbara de Regil made a meme out of the awkward moment. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

AND A funny moment put the wind in the head of the famous Bárbara de Regil when she lifted up her dress in front of the cameras and showed more.

Before his co-star Diego Amozurruti, with whom he shares credits in his new telenovela Cabo, Bárbara de Regil suffered wind fraud at sunset on the beach where the wind blew up her dress during filming for the premiere episode.

In the pictures of the shoot, you can see a couple played by Bárbara de Regil and Diego Amozurrutia in front of the sea, where he allegedly gives her an engagement ring in a romantic afternoon on the beach, when suddenly the wind blows away Regil’s dress and reveals his underwear.

Bárbara de Regil creates a meme from an awkward moment

Moreover, Far from being an embarrassing anecdote for the actress, Bárbara de Regil herself posted Cab’s “Blooper” on her Instagram profile, where she is clearly laughing. with her partner when her “panties” were exposed.

The actors realized very professionally that it was an accident and it is visible that Regil opens his eyes and is ashamed of the unexpected eventhowever, the interpreter of “Rosario Tijeras” got it in the best way, and even the post was accompanied by the sound of the meme of the moment: “We’re painting the whole house and not letting a single drop of paint fall… What’s up?”which makes what could have been a bad moment just a funny anecdote during work.

Besides, far from the criticisms that could be made about it, Fans of the actress posted very positive comments highlighting Regil’s beauty and realizing that it can happen to anyone, whether they are people from the show or not.

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