In Brazil, a tourist recorded his own death on video when he fell from a zip line

In Brazil, a tourist recorded his own death on video when he fell from a zip line
A tourist filmed his death while falling from a zip line. Photo: Cuartoscuro | illustrative

holidays Sergio Murillo they ended up in tragedy, when cable car in which he was walking fell to the ground carrying a tourist affect free fall from several meters highand in case something was missing from luck accidenthe recorded the moment on video own sacrifice in Brazil.

This is how a tourist recorded his own death in Brazil

In a video that quickly went viral on social networks, you can see how everything seems to be right in the tourist attraction in Ceará, Brazil. The pictures show what Sergio looks like fun on the road.

However, the code a few seconds the beginning of the journey through the heights, cable car it caused complications and eventually broke, causing the tourist to fall several meters high.

But the pictures taken by the camera victim were not the only ones who served as witnesses of the tragedybecause the wife of Murilo He also filmed the accident that would take his life husband.

The woman, who passed through cable car before her husband, she was travel recording her lover when he fell from above and hit her against arena. Seeing the situation, the wife lowers the camera and run way desperate to the scene of the accident confirm How is Sergio?

What is known about the accident in which the tourist died?

So far it has been announced that accident how much did it cost tourist life in Brazil would be October 10 in Ceará. And reports indicate that after the zip line collapsed, emergency services arrived at the scene.

However, despite the medical attempts he received Sergio Murillo, in the hospital where he was admitted, he died.

Behind death man at a tourist attraction in Brazil, authorities launched a Research clarify the facts and disclaim responsibility.

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