IECM approves a rational and strict budget project for the fiscal year 2023

Mexico City, October 31, 2022

Press release UTCsyD-176

The General Council of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) approved, in an urgent public session, the Projects of the Annual Operating Program and Expenditure Budget of this autonomous body for the fiscal year 2023, where 499 million 564 thousand 380 pesos correspond to public funding for the maintenance of permanent and special regular activities political parties.

Meanwhile, one thousand 80 million 761 thousand 74 pesos is earmarked for guaranteeing compliance with the substantive activities of the IECM, as well as for the implementation of actions to continuously improve its structure, system and administrative procedures; promote the installation and development of technological instruments, and guarantee the organization of electoral processes and citizen participation, among other things.

Electoral councilors at the session pointed out that the Project of the IECM expenditure budget for the fiscal year 2023 is the result of the efforts of different areas of the Institute, each of which contributed with its proposals for spending funds, with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with the principles of rationality and savings in the use of public funds.

During the presentation of the draft budget, the president of the IECM, Patricia Avendaño Durán, emphasized that of the more than 1,500 million pesos of the Institute’s projected expenses for next year, almost 500 million will be allocated to the prerogatives of political parties, based on the law.

He asserted that this Institute is ready to face the upcoming challenges and respect the powers provided by the Law, in order to guarantee the political participation of citizens in transparent and legal processes.

“This great responsibility requires a strong collective commitment. The solidity of our Institute requires the support of citizens who place their trust in us, but also requires responsible legislative activity that provides us with the tools and resources to fulfill our mandate,” said the council president.

On that occasion, representatives of different political parties before the General Council recognized the effort of IECM to project the cost associated with the principles of savings and rationality, guaranteeing the fulfillment of its attributions, for which they supported their support for the promotion of the approval of the expenditure project in the local congress.


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