I trust my group: Nacho AmbrizMediotiempo

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Toluca had a bad first half honor made Pachuca score four goals, and then in the second for a complete victory. Despite the lack on the scoreboard, Ignacio Ambriz he came out with his chest riddled with bullets and although he knows that “internally the thing is complicated because of the great penalty“, stated that he has full confidence in his team.

They can laugh at meNevermind, I trust this group. God we had a bad first half with too many mistakes against an opponent who is violent We have no choice but to heal our wounds. To talk boys Mr they are not left for dead. There is time for a good recovery. At the helm is an excellent coach, a team that plays very well, but you can see that the series is dead to us, but internally I don’t. I will prepare the team to go to Pachuca to pay tribute,” he said at a press conference.

Ambriz stated that the first half of the Devils game was a nightmare and there Tuzos scored four goals out of the five conceded.

Nightmare the first timeWe had a bad first half, they made a lot of mistakes. If we talk about efficiency, Pachuca had five and scored five; we had six and we put one. There was a team that was very strong, but in the second half we created scoring chances that we didn’t score“, he asserted.

The result is a very strong Pachuca power and we made too many mistakes the first time. I feel like it’s a big penalty within what the game wasbut that’s how it is. Internally, things are trickybut there are two halves of 45 minutes in which we have to play it. We have little to lose and much to gain. I heard we’re being passed off for dead, that’s fine, my team has to put on another face on Sunday.

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