I don’t think anyone ran less than me

The Argentinian coach assures that he does not miss his football phase, because two months after his retirement he found a job in the coaching staff

Gerardo Martino, coach Mexican teamhe asserted that his face as a soccer player cannot be compared to any of the current ones, because he believes that due to the style he used, he does not believe that there is a player who runs less than him on the field, where he shone with his technical skills, which helped him that there is not much mobility.

“From now on, not at all,” he answered the question of which football player he resembles in terms of playing style. “It’s very difficult, I always say that, I don’t think there is anyone who has run less than me. First the central (retention) and later the link, but always looking at the game at the base. “My individual technique was good and I had well-intentioned coaches,” he said ‘Nanny’ Martino in an exclusive interview for ESPN.

“Today we have to have another participation. Today, it is not possible to accept that a player walks on the field for a long time, it is unimaginable because he has to run to take off his clothes, find a place, make a quick decision. I would have no problem deciding on technique, but if I were to find those spaces, I would never find them”.

This was stated by the Argentine coach he does not long for his stage as a footballerWell, two months after he retired, he took a job on the coaching staff as an assistant, even explaining that he was at least 20 years old and hadn’t played a single game.

“At least I try not to mention myself when I was playing and I have no longing for the time I spend as a player. I am nostalgic for the life that has passed, but not for the fact that I stopped playing football and I avoid it because, besides, the comparisons are sometimes terribly variable, times are totally different, times are different and then the best thing is that sometimes I miss something that generally has something to do with it with coexistence, the way of living and less than the game, because I always think that the player is interested in what is happening today, not what happened to me 30 years ago. When I left, I lowered the blind. I played some isolated tournament for veterans and it must have been 20 years since I played a football game”.

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