I am better than in bad company

I begin this article with a phrase that helps me express what I feel, a phrase by Carmen Díez de Ribera, a phrase that reads like this: “Loneliness is the price of freedom”. I take my time crying out for the freedom of doctors and other doctorsat a time when I wrote several times that we need to secure our own statute, our negotiating table, specific representative bodies for these professionals, I even recently demanded that we should not be ashamed to look for a professional lobby that defends our interests. With fear, with too much caution, without risk, always thinking about what to say, etc., there is no progress.

I must insist on something fundamental in order to understand what I want to say. Medicine and the experts who deal with it, from doctors of various specialties to all doctors of our own, it is a science, not exact and certainly strangeWell, as I often tell my patients, in medicine, 2 + 2 is almost always four, but sometimes it is not; in many cases I dare to say that it is a real art, a wonderful occupation, but also on too many occasions accompanied by disappointments and bad times. All in all, though, it’s a wonderful occupation. Access to its implementation requires an effort that other professions do not have. A lot of learning, long-term training, improvement, continuous improvement, hard work and extra hours, responsibility, etc., are characteristics that are closely related to these professionals.

The doctor, from his first steps in modern medicine, He was a free professional, engaged in his profession in a very individualistic way, providing help and his knowledge in exchange for consideration of patients. But society evolved, public services were a social good that united society, democratized rights and services, they were a sign of the country’s progress, and among these public services, not the only one, but one of the most important, nor will we forget education or justice, there is either health. Modern societies were equipped with public health services, sanitary networks, water purification, sewage, a whole network of services that improved the lives of citizens and provided better health conditions for the inhabitants of large cities. On this way, the doctor was still important, both for the treatment of diseases, and for their prevention and increase of public health.

The evolution of medical practice went parallel to the evolution of society, industrialization, and development of society. That of the doctor in his free practice becomes history; modern societies create health services, sickness insurance, accident insurance and mutual insurance, administrations, companies, industries, want healthy workers, who can recover quickly when they get sick to return to their jobs, and for that, it is necessary to have “insurance”, which is more developed every day, more equipped with structures and experts. Little by little, the profession is moving from individualism to team model, exercises in cooperative mode, for others, as “employees”. There are models of “civil servants”, doctors with public connections in the image and opportunity of other public servants. You want to be equal to those who are not. Doctors become civil servants, public employees, public work personnel, until I reach that special number, the one I’ve occasionally defined as “I’m calling you legal because calling you” a loser “doesn’t sound good.”

“In these moments of sadness, grief over this situation, against what has always been the principle of companionship, solidarity, mutual help, I must say clearly and loudly that I want a statute and a negotiating table for doctors and optional”

At least originally the doctor had his recognized statusCall “Legal statute of social insurance medical staff”, distinguished from other actors who entered this healthcare model. But many people didn’t like that, neither did the Administration, nor did other actors, they tried to “rein in” those “characters who think they are different”, the ones we heard from the mouth of the Deputy Prime Minister that I don’t want to name myself, although all the old people in the place know who I’m talking about, “I won’t stop until the doctor puts on espadrilles”. I’m not saying he’s succeeded, but we’re on it, that’s one of the reasons why young medical grads are leaving this country, they’re looking for something more than espadrilles.

Well, back to what I wanted to talk about. I have lived on many occasions an attempt to realize that “unity is strength”“united we are stronger”, “unites us more than divides us”, etc. Well, no, we see again and again that the union is self-serving, other professionals use us for their own benefit, they are covered under an umbrella, the strength, the weight of the doctor; Protect yourself, and then they leave you. So on numerous occasions, always thinking how good we are, solidarity with colleagues, teamwork, so that in the end, to see you thrown and abandoned.

Therefore, in these moments of sadness, sadness about this situationContrary to what has always been the principle of companionship, solidarity, mutual help, I have to say yes clearly and loudly I want a statute and a negotiating table for doctors and physicians; and while this is being achieved, I’m better off than in bad company. I dedicate this to my fellow doctors in Madrid who have seen themselves left alone recently.

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