How to calm anxiety quickly?

One of mental disorders is the most common in our country anxiety and it is said that 15% of the population has it. In addition to the news we hear, COVID-19 and, together with stress, this can be a burden on our physical and mental state, which in the long term generates anxiety.

And if you want to quickly calm that anxiety, Maggie Hegyi recommends five tips on how to do it.

Sometimes it’s normal to feel stressed or anxious, but when that time comes, here’s what to do:

These exercises must be slow and steady in order for you to reduce heart rate. You will take three deep breaths, inhale for three seconds, hold your breath for three seconds and exhale for three seconds.

This will help you calm down, if you feel you still can’t, you can repeat. Remember that inhalation is through the nose and exhalation is through the mouth.

Note that if you are not used to “breathing” you may feel a little dizzy, but this is normal because more oxygen is entering than normal.

Another tip for reducing anxiety is to visualize another situation. For example: imagine you are on the beach and listen to the waves breaking or if you like the forest listen to the rhythm of the wind; Visualize a place that makes you happy.

  • Distract yourself with other activities

the moment you feel it anxiety you could start painting, singing or dancing; go for a walk, the trick is to distract yourself.

  • Distract yourself with the opposite emotions

Have a laugh, watch a movie that makes you laugh.

  • Distract your attention with other senses

For example, take a warm or cold bath, jump, do yoga or even meditate, which will distract your mind.

Maggie Mountain says these are simple tips to cut back anxiety quickly, but if you think that this condition affects you more or is getting worse, you should see a doctor.

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