How much will an A1 nurse and an A plus doctor cost?

Minister of Finance and Public Administration, María Jesús Montero.

Health workers follow a climbing in the professional category. While him defends promotion to group A1 of the State Administration, Drug suggests that, if the nurse’s request comes true, create an A plus category. This advancement would imply, among other conditions, a significant increase in the payroll of both health groups. So much so that if A1 for nurses and A plus for doctors become a reality, this leap would mean an additional cost of approximately 2.488 million euros for the national health system (SNS).

Group A plus would have repercussions, estimates the head of the SMA Study Center, Vincent Matas, an increase of 670 euros per month on the doctor’s payroll; 9,380 per year. Taking as a reference the main data of SNS, There are 134,000 doctors working in Spainso the implementation of this initiative would result in an additional investment of approx 1.257 million euros for medical personnel only.

In the event that nursing succeeds in reaching the A1 level of the public administration, professionals would benefit from an indicative salary increase of 5,918 euros per year, according to data from General Nursing Council (CGE). The latest data from the Ministry of Health show that SNS is operational 208,000 nursesfor which the state would have to pay additionally 1.231 million euros.

Benefits of A1 for nursing

However, nursing reclassification is not just for rewarding purposes, as explained Diego Ayusogeneral secretary of CGE, a Medical writing. In an interview with this newspaper, he pointed out that advancing to group A1 means having a professional category “appropriate to academic level and responsibilities and skills” which nurses have

On the other hand, the secretary emphasized that, in the current legislation, having an A1 level implies access to certain jobsespecially the responsibility, which is now “limited” by the nurses due to the fact that they are A2.

“It is not only the economic part, but the A1 level is the highest level of professional category in public administration. Therefore it is to position ourselves at the same level as other experts who have our qualifications and that it is not like that at the moment”, Ayuso pointed out.

New professional category A plus

However, while nurses want to be on the same scale as doctors, they feel that the current category has “become too small” for that group. In this regard, Matas states that the “responsibility” of doctors and nurses is “very different” and emphasizes that, in addition, doctors have to face a much longer training path than that of a nursing career.

An argument you share Thomas Toranzothe president of the State Federation of Medical Trade Unions (CESM), who, although he advocates the search for solutions that seduce both doctors and nurses, states that “If they climb one, they will have to go to the other”.

In this sense, it is also emphasized that the training of doctors “it’s much more demanding” not only because of the minimum four-year specialization, but because students of this major “360 ECTS points are required” compared to 240 for most occupations, including nursing. “It’s a different situation that goes beyond the general norm”concludes the president of CESM.

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