How much is the dollar worth in Mexico this October 27?

Although the Mexican peso recorded losses at the end of last day, it managed to recover against the precio from dollar at the beginning of today’s session. Experts warn of the possibility of an economic recession in Mexico, due to the economic slowdown of the market in the USA and around the world, so a strong impact on the domestic market is expected. However, for this Thursday, October 27the Mexican currency is trading at an average of 19.84, which means a new appreciation of 0.36 percent for various exchange rates.

The largest banks in Mexicopublished through their portals How much does it cost the dollar for today’s session Thursday, October 27. Banorte remains the institution with the lowest purchase price, but BBVA has the lowest selling prices; while Banco Azteca trades with the largest for two operations. The Bank of Mexico also announced its FIX exchange rate, which averages 19.85 pesos.

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