How is Champions 2022 going? Qualified and who plays TODAY half time

Hurry up Group stage from Champions League is nearing its end, and in the absence of this Tuesday and Wednesday the sixth and last daythere are still some teams that strive for promotion in the The eighth finals, an example where 11 clubs have already secured a place, including the current champion: Real Madrid.

After five games they are still up in the air five tickets for the next round, for which 11 teams will fight in the last 90 minutes. Some with more or less options, like SevilleAlthough it seems impossible that they can beat Manchester City at home, they still have a mathematical chance of going through.

in Group A Everything is defined. Napoli and Liverpool both of them took passports and in the visit of the Italians in England, only the first and second place will be determined. Ajaxeverything says that he will play UEFA European League and the Rangers will go straight to your house.

The Group B he also already has two of his own classified: Bruges and Porto. During this time, Atlético de Madrid is trying to win a place in the Europa League, although it may still lose it to Bayer Leverkusen, who remain in the fight to remain active on the Old Continent.

The same thing happens in Group C where he Bayern Munich and Inter Milan from tied are from. Barcelona will say goodbye to the second season in a row in the Europa League in the match against the last-placed Viktoria Plzen.

The withector D is the only one where four clubs they arrive in the 6th round with possibilities classify. Tottenham leads with eight units, followed by them Sporting Lisboa Mr Frankfurt with seven i Marseilles with six. In sector E, Chelsea is already qualified, while AC Milan, Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb hold second place.

Leipzig and Shakhtar in Group F they fight per one of two cards who remain, and will do so in the confrontation they will have in Poland. In the same way, Dortmund and Sevilla are looking for passage, but the Spaniards have an almost impossible mission, because they have to defeat City at home and wait for Borussia to lose against Copenhagen.

The H is another group that has already delivered theirs Double bed for the round of 16, all that remains is to Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica define who will get the first place.

Matches of the 6th round


  • Porto – Atletico Madrid 11:45
  • Bayer Leverkusen – Brujas 11:45
  • Bayern Munich – Inter Milan 14:00
  • Liverpool – Napoli 14:00
  • O. Marseille vs Tottenham 14:00
  • Rangers vs. Ajax 14:00
  • Sporting Lisbon – Eintracht Frankfurt 14:00
  • Viktoria Plzen vs Barcelona 14:00


  • Real Madrid – Celtic 11:45
  • Shakhtar – RB Leipzig 11:45
  • Milan – Salzburg 14:00
  • Chelsea – Dinamo Zagreb 14:00
  • Copenhagen – Chelsea 14:00
  • Juventus – PSG 14:00
  • Maccabi Haifa – Benfica 14:00
  • Manchester City – Sevilla 14:00

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