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Camerino Z. Mendoza, Ver. – Students of the Faculty of Medicine in Ciudad Mendoza they join forces and perform Kermés con Causa to support their partner Gabriel Pérez in the ninth semester of his medical degree, requires a surgery column

Ana Laura Juarez Carrera, Gabriel’s girlfriend comments that as a child he suffered from cancer that invaded his body since the drug was administered intrathecally, i.e. into the spine, hernias developed as a result.

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After his recovery, everything was going well until about two years ago he started to feel discomfort in his backbut they were attributed to his posture because the 22-year-old is a drummer, but two weeks ago the pain was so bad that he lost the mobility of his legs and had to be lowered from the third floor of the college. and taken to the emergency room.

Diagnosed with equine causation syndrome caused by a herniated disc, one in vertebrae L4 to L5 and another from L5 to S1, which left severe damage which squeeze his nerves affecting his mobility, so he was at home for several days in complete peace

“He had about 5 medicines that he takes, but even if he took, the pain did not subside, it was checked again and it resulted in caude equine syndrome and he is going to an emergency operation because the damage was operated on later. be irreversible,” said his girlfriend.

Asked if he received medical attention, He said they went to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and gave him an appointment with a trauma specialist until November 25th.but since his case was a surgical emergency, he was treated at a private hospital, and on November 2nd he will be admitted to a hospital in the city of Córdoba.

How do his friends support Gabriel Pérez?

This morning, with the permission of the educational authorities Faculty of Medicine of the University of Veracruz in Ciudad Mendozafriends and colleagues of Gab, as he is called at the university, collected food brought from their homes to sell and raise funds.

It is worth mentioning that this year it will be on October 3 and November 1 and 2.

They sell pambazo, jellies, prepared pork skins, pink lemonade, chileatole, tacos with baskets, pies, cakes, among other items.

Not having an economic estimate as needed, Ana Laura notes that the sale will be until Wednesday, but there will be a raffle because other students have donated items that match this fundraiser.

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Do you want to support? On the outside of the university, located a few meters from the Municipal Palace of Ciudad Mendoza, this group of students is with the sale of food from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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