horoscope for the month of November

this month November letter from “Ace of Cups”, which means you should increase your wealth and be more careful with your expenses. The magical days for your fire sign it will be 4, 11, 17 and 22, which will fill you with happiness in whatever you do. Your color abundance will be yellow and you will have two strokes of luck with numbers 9 g 13; You have to play them on Tuesdays every week. You will have an opportunity for a new job, you just have to be more discreet with their comments and not to talk about their successes. Your sign is much pursued by envyit will be a month in between two loves it will bother you a lot. They will be looking for you from your old job to invite you to participate. You will trade in your car for a newer one. You will buy a house or an apartment, not only that pressures to the goal.

letter from “Tower” this means that in November you have to be smart when deciding on your future, that is, think more than twice before you do something; what you have built can come crashing downtherefore be careful with changes. Your magical days will be 3, 09, 14 and 21 November it will bring you luck in everything you do and here color there will be happiness azul; your magic numbers will be 4 and 25. This month you can change yours thoughts and ways of being, remember that you will get the opportunity to be more controlled in your impulses and thus achieve more goals in life. If your situation partner it’s not a given, it’s better to leave it and start over with people who are more compatible with your sign, as they are Cancer Mr Aquarium. You will continue with the diet. try to have more hours of sleepremember that the day was made for work and the night for sleep.

In the tarot horoscope, you received a card from “Carriage”it tells you that in this month don’t stopfollow without fear and you will achieve the success you so desire, just be careful with people who are just looking steal your good energy. It will be your best days 1, 11, 15 and 27in which you will be lucky in terms of jobs and new ones Projects. Your color will be white and your lucky numbers 6 years 35. You will be lucky this month because you positive energy is re-created. A new love of the sign will be looking for you Sagittarius on Libra that he will discuss a formality with you. Take care back or neck pain, leave the tension aside. you will undergo a plastic surgery or you will decide to change your diet and be healthier. You will save for changing cars. It does not make good things seem bad.

you got it “Letter of the Sun” which means your sign will shine with luz own and you will achieve the goals you have been looking for during this year. you can get out of a journey on to change to the outskirts of the country for professional training. Your magical days it will be 7, 12, 19 and 23, in which you will have twice as much luck. Your color there will be plenty greenery strong and yours lucky numbers 2 and 10; remember that your sign is designed to be successful, just try to follow the productive guidelines of your life. Don’t be so expressive with your stuff because not everyone loves and envies you; try to be discreet. You will change your mobile phone and payment plan. Don’t look for that love that is no longer by your sidewhat is happening is convenient, better look for couples that are more compatible with your sign Virgin on Fish. relax and let it all go flow.

“Moderation” is the tarot card that will dominate you this month, i.e. calm, everything will pass and in this month you will get the well-being that you want so much to progress. You will get help from archangel Miguel, do not hesitate to call him, that you will be heard. TYour magical days will be the 6th, 10th, 14th and 25thwhere you will be successful in everything you do. Your color will be orange and your lucky numbers 7 g 11; to play them, you will give three moves buena happiness on lottery. Do not process any credit, what you will pay must be in cash to avoid going into debt. You will be doing the paperwork for a college degree and planning for a master’s degree. Don’t look for that love that is no longer for you, remember that sometimes you put obstacles in your own way to keep yourself from being happy. This month there will be a formal relationship with someone from the sign Aries on Scorpionvery compatible with you.

This month’s letter “Star” will bring you sure success and positive changes at work, so try to be 100% with yours good attitude that everything you want will be given to you. The magical days will be 01, 09, 16 and 26will be your color of abundance rojo and yours numbers magical 6 and 20, that you will have two lucky shots at the lottery. You will process a home loan or renew the one you have. Take care more in matters of migraine and nerve problems, try to continue exercising. At work you will get the opportunity to to grow professionally and they will give you a raise. Single Virgos will have a very strong and intense lovewhich will make him feel very good. Beware of accidents, be more careful these days. Friend of the zodiac sign Aries He will suggest you a job that will be very good.

For this month, the card came out in the tarot “Devil”it means you will have to be more careful with friends and colleagues because you have hidden enemies, they are the ones who speak nicely to you, but stab you in the back. You will have money extra in the lottery with numbers 15 and 66and your colors are red and pink. Your best days: 8, 13, 19 and 23. there will be many pressures in your work with plates to define changes position, you will be very important in decision-making because being a Libra deserves to have hierarchical and commanding positions. Someone from your work or school invites you outbut remember that this is not really recommended because if they don’t look good they will still show. In love you will be fineyour sign is looking for an ideal partner during November and it is certain that he will come into your life these days.

It showed in tarot cards “Trial”and since it’s your birthday month, that tells us you’ll have time Mental maturity and professional growth. Time to take it growth decisions economically and with love. Extra lottery money comes from numbers 3 and 19yours are the colors of well-being blue and white. The the best days will be: 2, 16, 19 and 21. They invite you on a business trip or for a walk with your partner. be careful with your money, try not to show it so much and be more discreet so as not to cause envy. As for health, give it a try relax more and you don’t have so many pressures, remember that your sign dominates problems hormonal and psychics. You are the best conqueror, but try not to date two at the same time because sooner or later they will understand.

During Novemberyours are lucky colors Orange and yellowyour magic numbers: 1 year 29with them you will have two lucky shots at the lottery and your own the best days are 3, 09, 19 and 24. You won in tarot “Like de Bastos”so there will be one new job proposal and better paid. Don’t be afraid to say yes to what is presented to you good luck will be on your side. This month will be crucial in your love relationship if you stay or go, just try to meditate on your decision and go to an expert who will guide you in your sentimental life. You will have cosmetic surgery which the best will come out. Arrange credit papers to pay debts. It will be a a month of lots of fun and going out with friends. Don’t get into trouble they are not yoursEveryone must take responsibility for their own life.

you got a letter “Emperor”that’s why it will be a month to achieve a high level in here the radioit’s time to be successful, don’t be afraid of what they will say and show your authenticity because you are on the right path. The lucky numbers are 21 and 30 for games of chance, your are the colors of well-being yellow and blue, and yours days magical: 4, 11, 17 and 23. For this month, I recommend you to liquidate all your debts and publish here economyit’s time to save for a future. In your work, you receive recognition from the manager and they offer you a salary increase. Ten Caution in the case of obesity problems, it is better to continue with the diet. Start shopping for your gifts Christmas so you are not under pressure. Go for a walk in the morning to have communication with the divine and that yours energy be more positive.

The “From gold” it came out in the tarot, it means you can ask for anything you want because you will get it, abundance This month will come in handy, so don’t hesitate and start your own business or change jobs to a more productive one. Your magical days are 3, 7, 12 and 23, the colors are of prosperity orange and greenthe numbers magical: 28 and 88. These will be days of a lot of work and changes in your business, try not to stress with everything you will live. Remember that your sign is strong and always has solution ideal solve problems. You will know about a friend’s wedding that will give you great pleasure. Take care of your back and kidneys, drink more water and leave alcohol and salt behind. They invite you to a trip with friends. You will receive a very pleasant surprise from love bull on Librawho will look for you stay.

For the November letter of “World”so your success will be in change countrycity ​​or place of work because it’s time for initiator the energydon’t doubt because something important is coming your way, just try to be discreet and don’t tell anyone about it as you would don’t fill yourself with bad energy. The magical days are 5, 8, 12 and 23, yours are colors of abundance White and greenand yours numbers magical 17 and 26. This month is God’s, so you fully define where it goes here life and in which direction you want to go. It will take days to make a decision be happy with yourself and your partner. You will have additional income for question a contract and productivity bonus. Tin care with past loves because you will be involved in gossip or claims, you better decide to be happy with your partner.

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