Horner: Even if they burned down the wind tunnel, they wouldn’t reach us

The FIA ​​reduced Red Bull’s time in the wind tunnel due to exceeding the budget ceiling

Horner assures that they are more motivated after the sanction

Christian Horner is not worried about the seven million fine from the FIA, but the 10% wind tunnel hours fine they have.

Horner blames other teams for such punishment and has often ‘threatened’ his rivals. “The penalty was strongly demanded by our rivals. It may be very high, but it will not be enough for you. Even if we burned down our wind tunnel, they wouldn’t reach us. We lost 10% of our aerodynamic capacity, but gained 25% of our motivation“. A very clear statement of intent that they intend to continue dominating the championship in 2023.

“It is obvious that the draconian punishment is sporting. It talks about reducing the hours of use of the wind tunnel and our aerodynamic development tools by 10%. Let me tell you, it’s a huge thing. It can cost us half a second per lap and that will affect the development of our car,” Horner said.

This reduction will take place over the next 12 months and will therefore affect both the 2023 car and the design starts of the 20024 car. it must be added to the 5% reduction you already had -compared to the runner-up- for the champion. “So the reduction is 15 percent. All of that will affect us next year.”

Compared to the second classification, there are 288 hours less in the wind tunnel, with 56 effective hours at a speed of more than 50 km/h over a period of eight weeks. With regard to the third classification, the figure becomes 320 hours. That’s a lot for a team that bases its dominance on aerodynamics.

Let’s remind you that until 2023, the aerodynamic handicap foresees the allocation of 100% of the hours in the aerodynamic tunnel, as the regulation sets as the maximum, to the seventh grade. But the first class can only use 70%, the second 75%, the third 80% and so on. This coefficient is applied both to the hours of use and to the number of CFD tests or analyzes ordered. Application 10%, Red Bull they will be able to use only 63% of the working hours in the wind tunnel prescribed by regulation.

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