Héritas launches Rewell, the future of wellness, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people across Latin America

Heritas, a startup from Rosario focused on precision medicine, launches Rewell, a service that combines science, nutrition and technology to help people become the best version of themselves.

This service includes a a kit in which DNA and gut microbiome are analyzed find the keys to a healthy life together with experts in genetics and nutrition.

When purchasing the service, users receive a welcome package that they can easily carry out at home, consisting of taking a saliva sample (genetic test) and feces (microbiome test). Users then send samples to the Héritas laboratory for analysis free of charge.

By crossing the data it provides genetic test with gut microbiome test, Rewell collects useful information that helps create a personalized habit plan, based on each person’s genetic profile.

With a genetic test, a careful selection of markers is studied to identify and provide information on: tendency to anxiety, depression and food allergies, chronic diseases such as irritable bowel, bowel pain, reflux, risk of coronary heart disease, breast cancer, prostate , covid-19 severity and origin, among others.

The second test analyzes the gut microbiome, home to millions of bacteria that can benefit or harm health and well-being.

This information is followed by a a habit plan linked to a wellness goal chosen by the user, such as more energy, better rest, weight loss and/or reduction in the development of chronic diseases. After receiving this information, the user can schedule up to three follow-up meetings with certified Héritas trainers to work on recommendations.

In other wordsusers can take actions to improve their well-being based on the markers which show from a tendency to depression and anxiety, to potential food allergies and the risk of developing chronic diseases such as irritable bowel, intestinal pain and reflux. All of these recommendations are personalized based on each person’s genetics and gut microbiome.

The Rewell enters the market with a promotional starting price of $53,400 pesos.


Héritas is a precision medicine company that was born in 2016 in Rosario, Argentina, with the support of Grupo Bioceres, The most advanced life sciences platform in Latin America, with a broad geographic presence and global strategic alliances, and Cibic Laboratories, which has more than 30 years of history in the healthcare industry and biotechnology development. In addition to Rewell, Heritas offers clinical genetic diagnostic tests and services in the fields of clinical genomics, oncology, reproductive genomics and human microbiome, accompanied by personalized genetic counseling.

In fiscal year 2022, Héritas sales were $147 million in pesos, a 41% year-over-year increase. As for the units sold, the growth was 34%. Clinical genetic diagnostic tests and services lead the growth with a larger contribution from reproductive genomic tests. For the next fiscal year, Héritas estimates a collection growth of at least 272%. This growth is the result of increased demand for clinical genetic services due to the greater maturity of the market, and in particular due to the launch of Rewell.

“Heritas is a startup with a lot of potential that has shown the ability to innovate within the genetics industry. Our focus is to transform the quality of life of Latin Americans, and with Rewell we will accelerate our growth in the region. Our potential market is worth US$10.7 billionand for this reason we are already starting to work on our international expansion plan,” says Marius Calmet, the company’s CEO.

This 2022, Héritas has invested US$1 million in product and talent development, creating a regional team focused on the international development of Héritas and the digital development of Rewell. With the launch of Rewell, Héritas is preparing to close an investment round for business development in Latin America and rapid consolidation in the region, where the precision medicine industry is growing at a rate of 9.35% per year, with potential sales of US$6.5 billion in 2023 .



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