Héctor Reynoso, ready to return to Guadalajara; el Rebaño does his best for Brandon Vázquez; Chivas Femenil is looking for more games on outdoor TV

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Chivas de Guadalajara continues its week with a coach and waiting for reinforcements for the next tournament. Flock Passion presents today’s news.

◉ Chivas news today November 4th
© IMAGO7◉ Chivas news today November 4th

Chivas de Guadalajara continues with the expectation of the establishment, after the official announcement of the technical director, Veljko Paunović for the postponed pre-season by a month and a half for the upcoming Torneo Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX, due to the unusual World Cup in Qatar 2022, which opens on Sunday, November 20. Flock Passion presents you the most interesting news in the rojiblanco environment for today.

The ardent sports director of the Holy Herd: Fernando Hierro, returned to Spain on Monday, October 24 just a week after the announcement and a few days after the presentation with the predominant goal of returning to The pearl falls with the coach of the first team, in the form of Serbian Veljko Paunović, who was introduced last Tuesday at Akron Stadium.

Reynoso, ready to return to Chivas

The former Rojiblanco defender made it clear that he will return to the team of his loves at the moment he is asked I would not think about it for a moment, this when giving an opinion on the work that the sports director has started to carry out, Fernando Hierro, to whom he showed his confidence in the new Guadalajara project, For this reason, he asserted that he should be convinced of Serbian coach Veljko Paunović.


Chivas are doing their best for Brandon Vázquez

A few months ago, the attacker was in the orbit of Guadalajara under the orders of Ricardo Peláez, but he made a lot of money to pay the $5 million that MLS’s Cincinnati FC demanded, but new reports indicate that Fernando Hiero will not see the incorporation of a Mexican-American scorer who scored 18 goals in an American football season.


Chivas Femenil players are looking for more games on outdoor TV

This Friday, the rojiblanco team will meet America in the first game of the semi-finals, which will be held at the Azteca stadium. and striker and captain of Chivas, Alicia Cervantes expressed her satisfaction knowing that this match will be broadcast on Open TV starting at 18:00. as in that case has not happened since 2017, which he hopes will become a constant: “It is very important for the league in general to have games on open TV, I think we are improving a lot in this regard, making television stations pay attention to us and not only in men’s.


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