HEALTHY FOOD based on proteins and prebiotics

There are infinities Global food trendswe, as digital experts, constantly analyze the latest information on the Internet and find out what searches o Healthy diet They’re the ones taking the top spot, but we’re finding that searches for “food for muscle gain” have increased by over 900% in the last year.

Exclusive interview about trends in healthy eating

With that in mind, we’re sharing an exclusive interview with Thomas Weber, Head of Sales for Latin America at Bene, a leading functional ingredients company.
Learn about the latest trends in food ingredients, inulin and oligofructose extraction, and how to replace titanium dioxide in bakery and pastry foods.

Did you know that titanium dioxide (E171) as a food additive can no longer be used in food preparation in any EU country?

Beneo offers alternatives for Titanium dioxide among other important ingredients for creating vegan dairy products.

Milk substitutes that follow the trend of healthy eating.

Substituting rice powder for milk powder allows you to make delicious, rich and animal-friendly chocolate snacks.

A 100% vegan lifestyle is too much of a challenge for both consumers and producers, but thanks to the Beneo portfolio, it’s much easier.

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Tasty and nutritious ingredients of plant origin

What is inulin used for?

What is inulin used for?

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