He was struck by lightning and lost his life, El Tri suffers with this news a few days before the World Cup

He was struck by lightning, he lost his life, they lament in El Trio
He was struck by lightning, he lost his life, they lament in El Trio

until the day of World, This news shook the table Mexican football and people who are in the national team. Maybe it’s a topic that can be used in two ways, to motivate yourself or to sit down and cry.

It is that one of those invited to Tri opened his heart and told a story that moves even the hardest heart. In an interview with Cancheros, one of the elements of Tri who will be at the World Cup gave this news that shook everyone.

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Lightning extinguished his father’s life, all because of the football player Kevin Alvarez, who was a kid then, sent the ball into the distance. His father went to see the ball and it was a thunderbolt that took his father’s life.

Why did Kevin Álvarez tell this story?

Álvarez explained in the interview that it was always his motivation to give his best in football and that now, when he has the chance to be a starter, he will not give up and will try to raise his level for the appointment Qatar 2022.

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