“he really doesn’t look like me”

Lewis Hamilton didn’t know what a piñata was; George Russell thanked the organization for the gesture

Presentation of the pilot in front of the fans in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez This helped the European contestants get closer to Mexican culture, and this Saturday some of them got to know traditional piñatas.

All drivers received a small personalized piñata, but the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamiltonhe pointed out that he did not know what it was.

“What is a piñata?” asked the former world champion when asked if he knew what a piñata was, and he was told that it was hit, which caused the European’s mercy.

The Brit was skeptical of his own piñata, and after looking at it, he was honest and said: “It doesn’t look like me.”

for his part, George Russell He smiled upon receiving the gift and thanked the Mexican fans for the signs of love shown.

“Lewis is a legend and my partner. He is a great friend. I learned a lot from him in my first year at Mercedes and this is a great opportunity,” commented the driver, who is in his first season with the team. Mercedes and it is the fourth in the season, while Hamilton goes fifth.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the day of the last training and qualification for Mexican Grand Prix20. calendar date 2022 F1car from Charles Leclerc will not punish because, although they will replace the gearbox of yours Ferrari F1-75, it will be for those who do not leave the set of boxes they have in a year, Laurent Mekies, an engineer at Scuderia Ferrari, said at the conference.

Every car from Formula 1 It has a ‘pool’ of four gearboxes to use during the 22 races of the season and they are only fined if they use a new one, which is not registered in that ‘pool’.

for his part, Czech Perez In the same driver’s presentation to the Mexican public, he accepted that this weekend is the one with the most pressure: “then I have the most pressure for myself, because then I really want to do it the best”.

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