“He liked everything”: Doña Cuquita talks about Vicente Fernández’s infidelities

Almost a year after death from Vicente Fernandezare widow of Doña Cuquito Abarco talked about singer’s infidelity and sent a message to people who criticize because that one of his lasted husband dated other women during the marriage.

In the meeting with the journalists, they presented the altar of the Day of the Dead, which they set up in honor Vicente Fernandez in Rancho Los 3 Potrillos which Don Cuquita made it clear that he didn’t care criticism because he endured singer’s infidelity, because she is sure of what they had in their marriage.

“Don Vicente He loved everything from girls to ice cream and as I always said, from the ranch gate to here he was my husband, even though I was criticized, I’m not interested because I didn’t want to take care of a man, take care of him and walk behind him,” he pointed out. is widow of Vicente Fernandez.

Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita (Instagram)

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Also, covers cuquita pointed out that although Vicente Fernandez she always did what she wanted, during the marriage her husband always gave her his place and for that reason she never left with another woman.

“He knew where I was, so he knew that he never left, if he wants, he leaves, who stops the men, nobody (…) Even if they criticize me, I am in the same position,” he assured.

About how she faced the death of her husband, Don Cuquita pointed out that she imagines that Vicente He works outside, as before, and that one day he will return home, so he did not cry so much to the singer.

Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita (Instagram)

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Doña Cuquita denies the rivalry between her children

Don Cuquita He also took the opportunity to deny rumors about the distance between his sons behind death of Vicente Fernandez and ensured that family is more united than ever, but they work in different places and that is why they are not seen together.

“I don’t know why they say we’re fighting, Alejandro was working in Vallarta last night, Vicente is in Los Angeles, and Gerardo, like Charro, is in Congress, they passed the finals, so the man is there, we’re not fighting, I don’t know why people gossip so much?

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