He hit not only Ochoa, but also DT, Televisa censored him and it cost him his position in Tri

It didn't just hit Ochoa, but also DT, Televisa hushed up this outrage
It didn’t just hit Ochoa, but also DT, Televisa hushed up this outrage

It was not only against William Ochoa, Also, the anger that erupted was at the coach on duty, who had to take the consequences of his mistakes, a problem that left out an important element from the Mexican team.

According to a report by Crimped Stories, there was not only a problem in the Mexican team’s locker room with Guillermo Ocho, but also with the manager on duty in the locker room.

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That’s how the storyteller is Christian Martinoli said that within the anger that represented the case of Ochoa sa The crown of Jesusa third within the Mexican team was also included, although nothing was said.

Who is responsible for the fight?

Chuy Corona couldn’t take it anymore from Guillermo Ochoa, he also gave him everything Miguel Herrera, who was the coach of Trio at that time. Martinoli claimed that when Ochoa made the controversial decision to become the starter in Brazil in 2014, Corona was against both, even when it came to hitting.

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