Halloween Mode: Oxxo cashier turns up the heat with a revealing look

Alex Silva, known as Oxx’s treasurer Due to his work in a shop in the neighborhood of the same name, he is one of the personalities most likely to have a strong presence on virtual platforms, such as TikTok, where he has more than 400,000 followers of all ages and places in the world.

In this social network, Oxx’s treasurer She shares how difficult it can be to serve clients, what to do in her downtime and even reveals aspects of her life, as well as her accessories and makeup, which are the keys to looking better and winning over many.

Cashier Oxxo poses with her friend for Halloween. Source: Instagram.

Other social networks where Alex Silva Instagram is in fashion. There, she has more than 50,000 and a half followers, who, like on TikTok, support her every step of the way. On social networks, the little camera usually surprises with her outfits, and her personal life is more visible there. He usually shows what he does when he is in front of the store where the cashier is, and the temperatures are rising.

One of her aspects is “fit girl”, because Oxx’s treasurer He is usually seen outside of work riding bikes in Fundidora Park in sweat-inducing sportswear, which must have gotten him into trouble with his contractors on more than one occasion for giving off an image that wasn’t what the shop wanted.

The reality is that netizens are at his feet, and he’s done it again with a flashy Halloween outfit. Through her Instagram stories, Oxx’s treasurer He posted videos and photos of his friends, with whom he celebrated the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated this week.

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