Guillermo Almada described Toluca’s victory as an “accident”

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Pachuca’s coach, William Almadaclaims that the result between Pachuca and Toluca in the first leg of the final was a football accident, because he does not believe that the differences between the two clubs are large.

These are accidents that happen in football. I always emphasize that the best way to defend the goal we set is to go after the other, that is our DNA. The difference between football and Toluca is not this, it is the accidents that happen and we will not deceive ourselves. The next 90 minutes in Pachuca will be very difficult and we have to prepare the players, recover them from the great effort they put in,” he said at the end of the match.

This was indicated by the Uruguayan strategist the worst mistake his team could make in the second leg next Sunday would be to relaxbecause he thought that four goals could not be enough to gain an advantage and thus define the title.

We are standing on the ground, there are still 90 minutes of football left; Toluca is a great team and they gave us problems because of their good attacking play. We won’t trust each other at all, we have 90 minutes left and the way to try to seal the result is to play like we played for 75 minutes. We will search, propose and I assume that Toluca will search for the same. We have to stay connected and play with the intensity and rhythm we know,” he said.

We have not won anything, we are very clear about that and I told the players. Feet on the ground and no one will hand over the title before the game, we have to prove it on the field. We were more efficient than in previous finals, we missed a lot of chances. Goals are what go on the scoreboard, not merits, today we sometimes had that efficiency And we have to continue on that path.”

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