Guillermo Almada, champion coach, crazy, devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe and candidate for the Mexican national team

The coach of the Mexican soccer champion made a promise to the Virgin of Guadalupe, saying that he and his family are very religious

Romario Ibarra, striker Pachucahe said that William Almada is a “soccer nut”, while the Uruguayan coach’s wife was by his side carrying him Virgin of Guadalupe and the president of Tuzos tried to prevent his coach from being related to Mexican teamduring the celebration of the Bella Airos painting championship.

“Yes, we are devotees,” he says. William Almada. “The Virgin of Guadalupe That brought us to Mexico. I promised her that I would bring her to the field and that I would always bring her flowers and candles,” adds his wife William AlmadaAnalysis.

The coach of the Liga MX champions likes the story of Carlos Gardel, because he says he is Uruguayan, not Argentine, he is linked with Mexican team in the next World Cup cycle, given the uncertainty that has arisen in the process of Gerard ‘Tata’ Martin and the three finals that the current coach Pachuca.

“Guille has a four-year contract with us. I have always said, he can always lead anywhere in the world and any team, he has impressive abilities and great human quality. I prefer not to worry about something that is not in me”, explains Armando Martínez.

The Uruguayan is now believed to be the Liga MX champion and one of the talent boosters of Luis Chávez, Erick Sánchez and Kevin Álvarez, currently under the watch of Mexico’s representative heading to Qatar in 2022.

“He deserves it, he is a fan, crazy about football. He lost two finals and deserved to win one, because of the good coach he is,” says Romario Ibarra, striker of Pachuca, recent champions of Liga MX.

Almada he recognizes that he could contribute something to Tricolor, but he prefers to avoid comments because “they currently have a coach”, while he has time to continue to “go crazy with football” and fulfill the promises he made Virgin of Guadalupe.

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