Guillermo Almada and his strong response to Hugo Sánchez for his absurd nationalism

William Almada and Hugo Sánchez.  (Getty Images)

Guillermo Almada and Hugo Sanchez. (Getty Images)

Guillermo Almada was a name that meant nothing to Mexican fans a few years ago. Even in his first tournaments in Santos Laguna, he did not attract much attention. Little by little, the spotlight was coming. A Liga MX title with Pachuca, after losing two finals, has put his name among the candidates to succeed Gerardo Martin when the 2022 World Cup ends in Qatar. -although it is strange, because Martino never said whether he wants to continue or not-.

There is no other question Almadi is being asked these days. In Mexico and in his country, Uruguay, the skipper is questioned about his ability to lead the tricolor team. He does not hide it, his plan is to be at the head of the tricolor. Even at the cost of the ultra-nationalist criticism of one of the fiercest voices in the Mexican media.

“It is a compliment to be appointed to lead the Mexican national team. In such a nationalistic country as Mexico, The fact that journalists keep repeating that I have to lead the national team is a great compliment. Hugo Sánchez says DT must be Mexican because he wants to direct him,” the coach told Uruguayan Radio Sport 890. Hugul He was clear in his position: no foreigner should lead the Mexican national team.

Hugo Sánchez has made that mantra an eternal song: he repeats it almost as often as he evokes his time playing for Real Madrid. And that mostly in the last two cycles, when the national bench went to coaches from other countries: Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio and Argentine Tata Martino. Hugo does not really go to criticize the work of the mentioned, as in theory it should be done: he prefers to go on a personal level and in both cases he decided to disqualify them only because of their nationality.

The Pentawho suffered racism in his own skin, who was called ‘Indian’ when he first came to Spain, found it fitting to get used to the claim that El Tri should be led by a Mexican. Nothing more because yes, because Mexico must be for Mexicans. His “most football” argument is that all national teams that were world champions, in history, were always led by someone born in that same country. But Mexico has never been a power, and being a power (that is, having many top players) is a key requirement to be a world champion.

Before worrying about the color of the passports, you should see the quality. Can anyone say that Miguel Herrera is a better coach than Josep Guardiola just because he is Mexican? And if the fans were given a choice, who would they prefer: Hugo Sánchez or Marcelo Bielsa? The world is full of examples of coaches of a different nationality than the country in which they work, who in any case gave great results.

Colombia never played a fifth game until being coached by Argentina’s José Pekérman (in fact, two of that country’s presidents offered him citizenship as a thank you; he declined), and Costa Rica reached the same stage under Colombia’s Jorge Luis Pinto. There were no absurd nationalisms, only quality and work.

It is a mystery to know if Guillermo Almada will lead the Mexican national team one day. Maybe the Federation will decide on another name. In any case, if his name is there, it is because he meets the merits and his appointment would not be unreasonable for anyone. In the meantime, what is a fact is that he replaced him with Hugo Sánchez for the first time in a long time.


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