Guillermo Almada and his brother even washed cars… today they are champions at half time

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Once more Almada brothers they made it vibrate Mexico. But they don’t shoot or fight in canteens, like in the movies of a few years ago; the other Almada brothers they are dedicated to football, they are proud of their humble origins and still are today Champions of the MX League.

The Pachuca coach Guillermo AlmadaAnd his brother Luis they had to work washing cars and even worked as gas stations Uruguaybut today, yes, they are the new champions Liga MX.

The Almada brothers do not forget their roots, and so does Luis – the coach’s brother Tuzos– who is also part of the recently crowned coaching staff.

“I had a job with my wife, we worked at the service station, at the pump, where fuel is poured into cars, it was when we were on training; my brother (Guillermo) who played in the first division, also worked there. We come from a very humble family, we always look forward and always work honestly. There were many other things we did as children, and the truth is that we are proud of achieving things,” Luis said in an interview with medieval.

“We also washed cars, when we were young, we didn’t run away from anything; This is what our elders taught us, to work honestly and thus help our family,” added one of the Almada brothers.

The current coach of the Mexican football champion, he was born in Montevideo 53 years ago, struggled with his family due to lack of money and struggled until he made his debut at the club Defensor Sporting in 1985; he played in Chile, Colombia and Guatemala, before hanging up his boots in 2007 and becoming a coach.

“Yes, absolutely. We come from a very humble family. Our parents always told us that working with honesty and mentality will get you ahead in life. Those are my father’s words and that’s what we followed, what we did: work honestly, wholeheartedly and hard. That’s what we believe in. We don’t know if he’s the best or the worst, or better than somebody else.”

In 2009, he made his debut as a coach in Tacuarembo from Uruguay, later came to River plate of Uruguay, where he received his first title; the second was in Ecuador in 2016 Barcelona from Guayaquilwhere his career definitely took off.

“It is never forgotten, just like friendships. The people we share those moments with are never forgotten. It’s the daily engine combined with our family, it’s the daily engines and what makes us believe in the work,” said coach Tuzos del Pachuca’s brother.

Luis joined his coaching staff brother William in Liga MX from Santos Laguna, was also a player; not knowing that he was called Almada gunslingerthe nickname he took for his last name, because in Central America, where he played, he was associated with brothers Mario and Fernando Almada, famous Mexican actors.

“When I started playing football, I was still in the shop with my wife, later we sold it, but if you don’t have enough work in training at the beginning, you have to have two jobs. When you’re already in the professional part, you don’t have that much time, you have to dedicate yourself to your future and that’s what Guillermo did. Which we did for many years. This is part… we believe that our career is just at the beginning”, commented Luis Almada.

The national team would be an honor

As one of the strong candidates for Mexican team, Guillermo Almada does not back down; his brother Luis admitted that it would be an honor for him, although they are very respectful of time.

“We try to manage day by day. These things are being solved, they tell you, it is news that there are possibilities, but I have already said, it is a great honor that Mexico looks at us, at our work, at what Guille proposes and that we follow him. It is a great honor, but today we are in Pachuca, deadlines, contracts are very respected, but if it happens at any time, we will do it with great pride as we have done everywhere.”

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