Guillermo Almada after Pachuca’s victory against Toluca: These are football accidents

The coach of Pachuca, Guillermo Almada, believes that the series is not defined and he passed it on to his players so that there would not be a debacle due to overconfidence

William AlmadaTechnical Director Pachucaconvinced that the bulky marker 1 to 5 against Tolucaafter the first 90 minutes in the final Opening in 2022are situations that don’t always happen and they enjoyed coming out much better than in the last final against Atlas.

“These are accidents that happen in football. Differences are one goal. The best way to defend a goal is to go to the other, I emphasize that because it is in our DNA. These are the accidents that happen in soccer and football Pachuca It will be difficult and complicated,” admitted the Uruguayan at the press conference at the end of the match.

He also emphasized that he talked to his players so that they know that they have not won anything despite the 1 to 5 they have in favor.

“We still have 90 minutes and we haven’t won anything, I told the players in the dressing room and no one will hand over the title before the game. Today we had more efficiency than in the last finals and I always say that whoever wins fairly is the winner, and we made a lot of mistakes last semester against Atlas and when I was at Santos,” said Almada.

The South American clarified that he does not feel that the series is defined and that he will welcome the second game with great humility, as they want to impose their stamp to secure the championship.

“Not at all (defined). We stand on the ground. Toluca They are a great football team and they gave us problems. We will not believe ourselves, we still have 90 minutes and we will try to seal the result because we played 75 minutes today. Let’s propose and imagine it Toluca will do the same. The key is open and we will play the last minutes with all intensity”.

Finally, William Almada He said he didn’t like the last 15 minutes of the first game because Toluca forced their players to falter.

“I think we showed a good game that we played in 75 minutes because I didn’t like the last 15 minutes because we went backwards, but we have 90 minutes left and another final. I’ve said it before, I’m not sitting down until we finish it. I have been involved in football for a long time and we have the last 15 minutes as an example, we were complacent and had a lot of problems. You have to stay on the ground,” he concluded.

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