Grocer Ozzo replaced brand with ingenuity

  • In 2022, 987 thousand 412 grocery economic units were registered in Mexico.

  • Mexican states are the ones that record the largest number of places of this style with 160,446.

  • Mexico City is in second place with 84 thousand 019.

Ingenuity and creativity is one of the qualities that must exist when creating a job. Having said that, there are many Mexicans who have decided to have a place, whether it is food or a famous shop, which even surprises with its name and creative logo, like the one they called “Ozzo”, replacing the legendary brand “Oxxo! By tradition and ingenuity.

In Mexico and several places in Latin America, small and medium-sized businesses that offer everyday products are known as “grocery stores.” be it foodstuffs, cleaning products, alcoholic beverages and all kinds of goods of that kind.

According to DENUA data, in 2022, Retail trade in general goods and food registered 987 thousand 412 economic units. The states with the largest number of economic units were the states of Mexico with 160 thousand 446, Mexico City with 84 thousand 019 and Puebla with 73 thousand 108.

In this sense, according to data from the Economic Census of 2019, the total gross production of these companies was 223 thousand 373 million Mexican pesos. The states with the highest total gross production were the states of Mexico with 28 thousand 651 million pesos and Mexico City with 24 thousand 863 million pesos.

Ozzo grocery store?

There is no more creative profession or industry than trade and product sales, so it is normal that in today’s digital world, people try to stand out from the competition with clever names and logos.

It is a case of commerce recorded in Montecillos, Texcoco, which surprised with its creative name Ozzo, which copies that of the Oxxo store.

The grocery store has a logo like the FEMSA brand, with a red background, white letters and yellow color.

Photo: Merca2.0

What many may describe as a copy shop brand is a one-man venture that stands as a precedent for greats who have also gone viral for creative names.

As an example, “Groceries Kevin” is a company that went viral because it was in the office. Or also, on one occasion, grocery store “GualMart” caused a storm on social networks thanks to the inventiveness of its creator.

This shows that it is not only big brands, such as Walmart, Bodega Aurrerá, Soriana, Sam’s Club, etc., that can take advantage of the huge reach of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and recently TikTok, but also small entrepreneurs, so even traditional grocery stores, with a good strategy, can create a great connection with customers.

And so, for this to happen, there must be a creative idea behind it that makes internet users look in your direction.

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