Goldie Hawn: 76 years old and in enviable shape with 4 exercises available to everyone

Kate Hudson has no room for maternal pride. – Is there anything more beautiful? the actress asks, reposting her mother on Instagram apologizing for sports as the key to well-being. Goldie Hawn, at the age of 76, does a daily routine made up of four exercises that are super accessible to everyone. “We all know the physical benefits of exercise, but it can also have profound impact on our mental health in a surprising way,” commented the veteran actress on her online profile. And in Goldie Hawn’s video, her enthusiasm and vitality are the most attractive when it comes to training.

As the protagonist of this story comments, there are many studies that show an improvement in the quality of life of people who exercise regularly. The physical benefits are obvious, but performance improvements have also been considered. Mental health through different meters, such as increasing serotonin and endorphin levels, ability to concentrate or improving mood. “The great news is yes exercise does not have to be strenuous or last long time to feel good. “Studies show that low to moderate intensity exercise is enough to make a difference in our mood, behavior and thought patterns,” explains Goldie Hawn in her Instagram post.

jump on the trampoline

Before starting her first workout, Goldie Hawn makes it clear that she’s doing it primarily for her mental health: “I’m going to take care of my mind.” Climbing on a mini-trampoline, the 76-year-old actress explains that it’s one of her favorite activities because of how much fun it is to jump. As you go up and down on the bungee, raise your arms to get your heart racing and become aerobic exercises without reaching too high a pace.

hand weights

To make them, Goldie Hawn uses creativity and confidence. With two bottles of wine, which could perfectly be anything else, the actress does shoulder presses, lifting a barbell from that height to overhead, keeping her elbows slightly bent. She also does back splits and circuits, stating that any movement is enough to work and feel good. And the best thing is that in this type of exercise, everyone can regulate the effort according to their fitness by simply choosing the weight that best suits their level. Important: not settle down and progress in the load because the exercise is controlled so that the muscle does not always get used to the same weight. You must always look for the point of effort.


Who doesn’t enjoy walking outdoors? Goldie Hawn takes to the streets of her neighborhood and encourages all her followers to do the same every day. A daily walk is a very useful cardiovascular exercise for our body, available and at no cost. “Walking backwards engages many parts of your brain”comments the actress in the middle of the street with a mischievous smile on her lips when she realizes that she can disrupt traffic in her neighborhood.

breathing exercises

In a return to peace after a routine that combines strength and cardio, the actress sits on a mat with her legs crossed and does breathing exercises. The most interesting thing about this practice is that Goldie Hawn introduces the practice of gratitude which increases the feeling of comfort after the combined training. “Take a deep breath and thank yourself taking time for himself,” he concludes.

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