Goals and Summary Chivas 1-1 Cruz Azul Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2022 | 30.10.2022

19:41 13 minutes ago

95′ FT

Finish the match. Chivas Women 1-1 Cruz Azul Women.

19:40 13 minutes ago


19:35 18 minutes ago

94′ GOAL

BLUE CROSS GOAL! Notes written by Patricia Becerra.

19:31 to 22 minutes


The referee adds five minutes to the game.

19:27 26 minutes ago

86′ Change

Cruz Azul: Dalia Molina and Diana García leave; Enter Gaby Puerta and Patricia Becerra.

19:25 29 minutes ago


Yellow card for Daniela Flores (CAZ).

19:22 31 minutes ago

79′ Change

Chivas: Rubi Soto and Cheli Torres leave; Enter Anette Vázquez and Jacqueline Rodríguez.

19:18 35 minutes ago


Yellow card for Alicia Cervantes.

19:17 37 minutes ago


After a review of the game by VAR, Carmona was cautioned.

19:15 38 minutes ago

74′ IS

The referee goes to VAR to check the lack of Caro Jaramillo.

19:14 39 minutes ago


Yellow card for Caro Jaramillo.

19:09 44 minutes ago


The counter was led by Caro Jaramillo, but in 3/4 of the field Caro passed Cervantes, but the ball was too long for him and the surprise was lost.

19:04 an hour ago

62′ Change

19:01 an hour ago


We arrived at game time. Both teams are looking for a goal, but Cruz Azul can’t find the depth.

Before 7 p.m


FACE! A great shot by Cervantes outside the penalty area where he hits the post again.

18:56 an hour ago


Yellow card for Claudia Cid (CAZ).

18:54 an hour ago


The first minutes of the second half. Cruz Azul looks more dominant at this start.

18:49 an hour ago

46′ Change

Chivas: Lizbeth Acevedo exits, Susan Bejarano enters. Cruz Azul: Ana García leaves and Claudia Cid enters.

18:48 an hour ago


The second half begins.

18:30 an hour ago


The first half ends. Chivas Women 1-0 Cruz Azul Women.

18:25 an hour ago


FAST! Gaby Valenzuela again with a header that hits the corner of the crossbar.

18:24 an hour ago


The last part of the match. Cruz Azul still can’t find space for a draw.

18:23 an hour ago

That was the goal

18:16 2 hours ago

34′ GOAL

CHIVAS GOAL! Notes written by Caro Jaramillo.

18:16 2 hours ago


We arrived after half an hour of the game. Chivas continues to press in search of a goal to increase the lead.

18:11 2 hours ago


Another shot from La Maquina, Carmona tries from outside the box but Espino keeps the ball.

18:06 2 hours ago


Yellow card for Rodríguez (chivas).

18:01 2 hours ago


CAT! Again, the Cruz Azul goalkeeper deflects Valenzuela’s header with one hand. Cancerbera is already a factor.

17:59 2 hours ago


The first fifteen minutes of the meeting. The home team is closer to opening the goal than the guests.

17:57 2 hours ago


FAST! Valenzuela’s powerful shot from mid-range hits the corner of the post. At the rebound, Cervantes shoots, and the goalkeeper deflects it into the corner.

17:552 hours ago


Fix the area where Machuca comes out to end the game; on the rebound, he deflects the defense of Cruz Azul.

17:49 2 hours ago


Valenzuela’s left footed shot over the crossbar.

17:48 2 hours ago


The first minutes of the match. The locals look better on the pitch and maintain slight possession.

17:44 2 hours ago


The match starts.

17:28 to 2 hours


The players are already entering the locker room to change. Both teams will play in their traditional uniforms: red, white and light blue.

17:25 2 hours ago

Alignment of the blue cross

17:23 3 hours ago

Chivas lineup

17:20 3 hours ago


17:15 3 hours ago

Judge’s quatrain

The center referee for this Chivas Femenil vs. Cruz Azul Femenil will be Miguel Ángel Anaya; María Fernanda Márquez first line; César Eduardo Doroteo, second row; Héctor Salvador Solorio, fourth assistant.

17:10 3 hours ago


17:05 3 hours ago


In the history of the clash between Atlético and Celeste, the balance turns in favor of Chivas with 4 wins, 3 draws and no win for Cruz Azul. The first share was given to the minimum team Chivas Femenil.

17:00 3 hours ago


16:55 3 hours ago

we begin

Everything is ready! We are less than an hour away from the second leg of the Liga MX Femenil quarterfinals. The reigning champions are looking to defend their title at home and any draw would do, but La Maquina want to go out and find a goal that will bring them closer to the score bubble. The current global score is 1-0 in favor of Chivas.

16:50 3 hours ago

Don’t take off from here to watch Chivas Femenil vs Cruz Azul Femenil live from Liga MX Femenil 2022.

16:45 3 hours ago

Where and how to watch Chivas Femenil vs Cruz Azul Femenil live in Liga MX Femenil 2022.

16:40 3 hours ago

Cruz Azul’s newest women’s line

G. Machuca, M. Peraza, E. Carmona, G. Lozada, D. Molina, D. Flores, D. Monroy, N. Zaragoza, D. García, A. García, R. Huerta.

16:35 3 hours ago

The final line-up for Chivas women

B. Felix, A. Torres, J. Rodriguez, K. Bernal, D. Godinez, C. Montero, C. Jaramillo, J. Montoya, R. Soto, A. Iturbide, A. Cervantes.

16:30 3 hours ago

Cruz Azul: Throw a surprise

16:25 3 hours ago

Chivas Femenil: Use the location

16:20 4 hours ago

the second match of the quarter-finals

This afternoon Liga MX Femenil group action will take place at Akron Stadium where the second leg of the quarterfinals between Chivas Women and Cruz Azul Women. The first game ended with a favorable result for Flock with a minimum after a penalty in the last part of the match. where Licha Cervantes converted it into a goal and thus use it for today’s afternoon meeting.

16:15 4 hours ago

The game will be played at Akron Stadium.

Match Chivas Women – Cruz Azul Women It will be played at Akron Stadium in Jalisco, Mexico. The start is scheduled at 16:40 (CDMX).

16:10 4 hours ago


Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the match Chivas Women vs Cruz Azul Women live, corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022 Liga MX Femenil tournament. The match is at Akron Stadium, at 4:40 p.m.

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