Goals and highlights of the match Cimarrones 3-1 Morelia in Liga Expansión MX | 28.10.2022

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Thank you for watching the broadcast of the match between Cimarrones and Morelia Liga Expansión MX.

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Another 5 minutes have been added.

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Navarro enters and Acuña leaves, replacing Cimarrones.

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Robles header that goes wide, past Morelia.

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Morín enters and Jiménez leaves, replacing Cimarrones.

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Reyes de Cimarrones was reprimanded.

22:44 2 hours ago


Acuña was reprimanded for cheating.

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Vázquez enters and Gurrola leaves, replacing Cimarrones.

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No place for Vergara de Morelia.

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Ruiz leaves and Pérez enters, replacing Morelia.

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Long shot by Ulises Torres that goes wide.

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Diego Jiménez misses the penalty and Cimarrones fourth

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The second half begins between Cimarrones and Morelia.

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Espinoza’s life-saving slap to avoid Morelia’s second punch.

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3 more minutes were added.

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Andrade’s mid-range shot goes wide due to a defensive touch.

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Torres’ free kick hits the fence and goes over the top.

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Ruiz de Morelia received a warning.

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Trejo avoids a tie with a defensive shot.

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The mid-range shot is controlled by Gabino in two phases.

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Acuña’s shot hits the post and Cimarrones was close to opening the scoring.

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Jiménez’s flash that the goalkeeper saves at the first post, at Cimarrones.

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The match between Cimarrones and Morelia starts.

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for minutes

The match between Cimarrones and Morelia starts in a few minutes.

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Bank of Maroons

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Bank of Morelia

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XI Atletico Morelia

12 Santiago Ramírez, 2 Miguel Velázquez, 4 Arturo Ledesma, 5 Víctor Milke, 14 Mario Trejo, 13 Alejandro Andrade, 15 Juan Gamboa, 30 Bryan Mendoza, 35 Jassiel Ruiz, 7 Sergio Vergara, 19 Diego Pineda.

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XI Maroons from Sonora

30 Gabino Espinoza, 13 Jose Saavedra, 15 Ulises Torres, 23 Joshua Reyes, 24 Jose Rodriguez, 6 Aldo Arellano, 8 Francisco Acuña, 10 Edson Torres, 7 Jose Peralta, 11 Diego Jimenez, 14 Jose Gurrola.

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They turn blue

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be strong

Although Morelia won the first leg, the reality is that they missed many options and the result could have been higher, so they should not miss the chances they create tonight.

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If it is possible

Leones Negros, who lost 2-0 in the first leg like Cimarrones against Morelia, are currently thrashing Venados 3-0 to turn the tie around, showing that an unfavorable result can be overcome.

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we begin

Cimarrones de Sonora and Morelia are playing in the Vuelta de la Liga de Expansión MX quarterfinals, and we will bring you all the details of the match. We start by following the game through VAVEL.

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Don’t take off from here to follow Cimarrones vs Morelia live in the Vuelta de la Liga Expansión MX 2022 quarter-finals.

We’ll share the starting lineups in a few moments Cimarrones vs. Morelia live to the quarterfinals of the Aperture 2022 Liga Expansión MX, with the latest information coming out of the Nazoczari hero stadium. Don’t miss the details of the match minute by minute and live via VAVEL.

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Where and how to watch Cimarrones vs Morelia online and live from the Vuelta de la Liga Expansión MX 2022 quarter-finals

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Background Cimarrones vs Morelia

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Beware of this player from Morelia

Angel Robles He usually has plenty of entry and finds space to create dangerous options in the opposition goal and, although he didn’t score in the first leg, he was a key part in the development of the game and will be an element to follow.

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Watch out for this Cimarrones player

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Morelia’s last line-up

12 Santiago Ramírez, 2 Miguel Velázquez, 14 Arturo Ledesma, 5 Víctor Milke, 14 Mario Trejo, 13 Alejandro Andrade, 15 Juan Gamboa, 35 Jassiel Ruiz, 7 Sergio Vergara, 19 Ángel Robles, 11 Diego Pineda.

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Last lineup of Cimarrones

30 Gabino Espinoza, 4 Juan García Sancho, 13 José Saavedra, 15 Ulises Torres, 23 Josué Reyes, 109 Harold Vázquez, 6 Aldo Arellano, 10 Edson Torres, 20 Bryant Navarro, 7 José Peralta, 11 Diego Jiménez.

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What does Morelia need to move forward?

Gabriel Pereyra’s Atlético Morelia side seem to have the tables set to advance to the semi-finals of the Liga de Expansión MX, and their worst enemies could be themselves if they believe in themselves. They will have to repeat what they did in the first game and be stronger, although a win, a draw or even a loss will be enough to seal their ticket.

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What does Cimarrones need to progress?

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Welcome friends of VAVEL!

Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the match Cimarrones vs Morelia live, corresponding to the quarter-finals of the Return of the Aperture 2022 Liga Expansión MX. The match will take place at the Morelos stadium, at 9:15 p.m.

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