Gisele Bündchen wears tights in Florida after her divorce from Tom Brady

The model Gisele Bundchen was recorded this weekend in beach with palm trees, Floridaafter officially announcing his divorce from Tom Brady, back from Buccaneers from Tampa Bay.

The Super model was caught losing beauty wearing a white sleeveless blouse and leggings gray ones adapted to yours tight silhouette.

Bundchen He combined his sports outfit with gray sports shoes and a black backpack.

Photo: Grosby Group

Also, a celebrity Brazilian she showed her natural beauty by going on a weekend date without make-up, as her blonde hair was completely loose and fell on her shoulders.

also actress accompanied his daughter Vivian to riding camp to watch her ride a horse.

Gisele Bundchen At all times she was calm and smiling, but she pointed out that she no longer had a wedding ring on her hands. Tom Brady.

The couple confirmed their divorce last Friday after 13 years of marriage. The problems in the relationship started many years ago, but were exacerbated by resistance back retire from American football.

According to sources close to the couple, Brady will remain in his residence in Tampa, while Gisele will move to Miami. According to American media, the model bought a house in Miami Beach worth 1.25 million dollars two weeks before Tom announced that he was returning to the NFL for another season.

The divorce agreement stipulates that they will share custody of the two children. The athlete also has another son with actress Bridget Moynahan.

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