Germany calls on its citizens to leave Iran immediately World | DW

The German government called on its citizens this Thursday (11/03/2022) to leave Iran immediately, given the possibility that they will be arbitrarily detained and have to face lengthy processes, as evidenced by the multiple arrests of foreigners.

“For German citizens, there is a concrete risk of arbitrary detention, interrogation and long sentences,” the Foreign Ministry informs in its updated warnings to those in the country.

The text also states that citizens with dual citizenship, German and Iranian, are in “special danger” and recalls the numerous “arbitrary” arrests that have been recorded these days. This warning is in addition to the general warning that recommends avoiding travel to the country.

It is also recalled that since September 18, after the death of a young Iranian woman, Jina Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for improperly wearing a veil, protests and clashes with the police have multiplied.

Finally, German citizens are asked to “heed” these warnings and leave the country. If you are still in Iran, it is strongly recommended to “avoid any demonstration or concentration of people.”

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