Gerard Piqué received news that could complicate the division of property in the divorce with Shakira

Since his separation from Shakira, Gerard Piqué was on everyone’s lips. Without a doubt, since the day of the announcement, the breakup has become totally medial, and the focus is on the children they have. While the Colombian woman is doing her best to leave Spain, the footballer is doing everything to ensure that Milan and Sasha continue to live near him.

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Shakira He has already engaged his lawyers on the matter, although custody of his children is not the only thing that will have to be agreed upon. Let’s not forget that they have been together for more than a decade and that they have a common property. Even though they didn’t go through the altar, their long coexistence allows for a rift that tends to benefit both parties.

Moreover, Gerard Pique In the past few days, news has reached him that could complicate the distribution of the things they managed to acquire together. It is about the fact that they have just found human bones on a property that was run in his name by a company run by the father of the Barcelona footballer.

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What bad news Gerard Piqué received

Seven years former of Shakira is working on the completion of the construction of a luxury hotel in the Spanish city of Malaga. But the discovery of human bones during the excavation forced the work to stop. The land was purchased through Kerald Holding, the football player’s father’s company, to designate five-star accommodation.

It is an archaeological find, as explained by Alberto Cumpián, one of the people in charge of Gerard Pique. “When they got the location, they already knew there would be archaeological remains and counted on it. We dug up about 250 tombs, the vast majority of which are empty,” reported a man in contact with the Spanish media.

In addition, he explained that although work continues in the hotel of the former Shakira “There is a huge density of tombs, so we will have to raise those from this first phase, in order to access the next one.” Undoubtedly, a new headache for the athlete in the division of assets that he spends with the Colombian, since this setback would bring a monetary loss.

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