Funds and investment accounts: see 5 investment options

La Profeco explains where you can invest if you have some money left over
Investments can be diversified. Photo: Gettyimages/Archive

If you have a little extra money and want to turn it over to generate performance, but you don’t know where to start, we present you some options for the first steps, according to data from Federal Office for Consumer Protection (Profeco).

Where to start?

There are low-risk alternatives to start investing, namely:

  • Popular financial companies (Sofipos)and these are institutions that offer financial services and products that work with the authorization of the National Commission for Banking and Securities (CNBV).

If you decide to invest in one of them, it must be authorized by the CNBV.

Among its advantages are better rates of return for investors, he explained prophet in his Magazine for consumers the month of September. On this link you can see those authorized to work.

  • Now let’s go with investment funds: these are instruments that allow private companies to lend money and in turn manage and diversify investments, whether in government debt, stocks or currencies. Among their advantages is that they are managed by expert groups, in addition to having the balance to generate high profits or minimize losses.
  • Another place where you can invest is your account You can increase the amount of your pension before and in the future
  • Cetes: Certificates from the Treasury of the Federation issued by the Government in pesos and are purchased at a discounted price, i.e. below the face value of $10. The realized profit is the difference between the price paid at the time of acquisition and its nominal value at maturity. Terms of 28, 91, 182 and 364 days are available. Among its advantages, it stands out that no type of commission, penalties or transaction costs are paid, the investment is 100 pesos.
  • Some banks offer the service of bank investment accounts, they offer investments that pay better interest than other instruments; are divided into:
  1. CEDES (Certificates of Deposit), which pay interest every month
  2. PRLV (promissory note with Yield Settleable at Maturity), which pays the total capital plus interest, until the end of the agreed term

If you have a little money left and want to invest it, you can access the various options that we present to you, some of which may convince you.

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