From Cancun: Norma Palafox blew up the net in a skimpy swimsuit

Norma Palafox is one of the referees that women’s football has and stands out with her goal. At the age of 24, he played for several clubs, and currently plays for Club Atlas Femenil. In addition to being a great soccer player, the native of Sonora also stands out with a privileged body thanks to her demanding exercises, and that’s why she doesn’t miss the opportunity to show it off. on your account Instagramshe confirmed that she is the most beautiful of all with a post in which she is seen in a tight swimsuit from Cancun.

Football career for Norma Palafox He started at a very young age, but he didn’t start as a soccer player but as a referee in tournaments in his neighborhood. Then she was caught by Club Chivas where she won the first title in her professional career in 2017 and scored the only goal in the match. Two years later, she announced that she was leaving the institution to participate in a television program about extreme sports, and after being one of the finalists, she returned to her team.

Norma Palafox, the 24-year-old attacker. Source Instagram @normapalafox_

Moreover, Norma Palafox He surprised everyone when he announced his transfer to the club Pachuca Femenil, which caused the anger of Chivas fans. With the new club, he reached the final, but did not reach the desired level. A few months ago, she was hired by Atlas, where she managed to score several goals. The forward’s representative explained that the choice of his new club was due to the fact that he wanted to seek stability in the sport.

Besides being one of the most important strikers today, Norma Palafox She has an amazing body, and through her Instagram profile, where she has more than two million followers, she raised the temperature from Cancun and wore a tight swimsuit. The 24-year-old received thousands of comments praising her figure and curves.

Norma Palafox fell in love with everything from Cancun. Source Instagram @normapalafox_

Just a few weeks ago, Norma Palafox She celebrated her 24th birthday, and they could see her surrounded by family and friends. This isn’t the first time the Atlas striker has flaunted her curves, as she did so in a stunning swimsuit on a yacht with which she caught the eye.

Norma Palafox attracted all eyes. Source Instagram @normapalafox_

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