From behind, Yanet García shows off her beauty in a white bikini

Model and influencer Janet Garcia, known for many years as “Weather Girl“, is one of the most prominent figures on television, and also has the throne of Mexican queens, models Just fans. She has now shared a post through her Instagram profile showing off her curves in a very small white bikini and showing off her back.

“Find out your WHY, then fly girl, fly” is the Spanish translation of the message accompanying his post, which is already winning over his more than 14.8 million followers. Yanet Garciahe’s clearly about to take a dip and enjoy the sun on this fall Sunday.

Yanet García is an Instagram influencer. Photo: @iamyanetgarcia

This is what you should know about Yanet García

Yanet Garcia in the last five years it has caused millions of men to threaten her. She previously went from talking about the weather in front of the cameras to now generating content that goes across adult platforms, and the model has earned the tag of weather girl.

Janet, 31 years old has had a meteoric rise in his career within the world Just fans That is one of the revelations of this moment.

Before that, the model had a relatively normal life in Nuevo León, where she devoted herself to her studies, becoming a public accountant.

García started his own way, interested in different branches, first in modeling, creating an academy with which he allowed himself to take models to Televisa Monterrey.

Yanet García raises the temperature. Photo: @iamyanetgarcia


This is what beautiful Yanet García looked like when she was a “Handy Girl”

Yanet García shows off her curves from the pool

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